Look Out For These Pension Gimmicks

State Budget Solutions | by Joe Luppino-Esposito, Bob Williams | April 15, 2015

States have a few tricks up their sleeves to hide true pension liabilities.

Promises Made, Promises Broken 2014: Unfunded Liabilities Hit $4.7 Trillion

State Budget Solutions | by Joe Luppino-Esposito | November 12, 2014

State Budget Solutions' latest research reveals that state public pension plans are underfunded by $4.7 trillion, up from $4.1 trillion in 2013. Overall, the combined plans' funded status has dipped three percentage points to 36%. Split among all Americans, the unfunded liability is over $15,000 per person. 


SBS President Williams to Fox Business: NJ Needs To Fully Fund Pensions

State Budget Solutions | February 27, 2015

State Budget Solutions President Bob Williams told Fox Business that New Jersey and Governor Christie have come up short in properly funding public pensions.

The Shocking-But Not Surprising-Moody's Report on New Jersey Pensions

State Budget Solutions | by Joe Luppino-Esposito | December 18, 2014

New Jersey government employees need to start making alternative plans for retirement if they were expecting to collect a pension after 2024. 

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