williamsreporthashtagverticalAs a former state legislator, gubernatorial candidate, and official with the General Accountability Office, State Budget Solutions President Bob Williams is a national expert in fiscal and tax policies.  Each week, The Williams Report compiles the latest news and headlines on state budgets, public pensions, and other important news about the budget stability of the states. Bob's exclusive commentary can be tweeted with the hashtag #SBSBob.

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State Budgets

Updates this week:

National:  Reason Foundation released its pension reform handbook: a starters guide for reformers

Connecticut: Connecticut's debt maintains negative rating

Kansas: A Legislator's Guide to delivering better service at a better price
Government should be concerned about providing better service, not just getting more money #SBSBob

North Carolina: House finalized $21 billion budget for 2014-15 "It will raise pay for public school teachers by an average of 7 percent, but trims millions of dollars from programs including public health, childhood development and early education."

Texas: The Conservative Texas Budget

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