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      As state revenues recover, health costs remain a burden

      The Washington Post | by Michael A. Fletcher | June 12, 2012

      Medicaid accounted for 17.4 percent of state general-fund spending last year, making it the second-largest category of spending, behind K-12 education at 35 percent.

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      Strapped state pension funds take scalpel to COLAs for relief

      Pensions & Investments | by Hazel Bradford | June 11, 2012

      Reductions, freezes offer quicker boost than other changes.

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      Huge government pension gap sparks backlash | by Chris Isidore | June 7, 2012

      Pensions and other retirement benefits have become a multi-trillion-dollar black hole for state and local government budgets.

    • Headlines : Kansas

      Brownback signs $14B Kansas budget, vetos some items

      The Kansas City Business Journal | by Paul Koepp | June 4, 2012

      Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback approved the state's $14 billion budget, saying it was the first in several years to maintain the 7.5 percent ending balance required by state law.

    • Research

      Pension Fund Asset Allocation and Liability Discount Rates: Camouflage and Reckless Risk Taking by U.S. Public Plans?

      by Aleksandar Andonov, Rob Bauer and Martijn Cremers | May 30, 2012

      This study uses an international pension fund database to compare the asset allocation and liability discount rates of public and non-public funds in the U.S., Canada and Europe. We document that U.S. public funds exploit the opaque incentives provided by their distinct regulatory environment and behave very differently from U.S. corporate funds and both public and non-public pension funds in Canada and Europe. In the past two decades, U.S. public funds uniquely increased their allocation to riskier investment strategies in order to maintain high discount rates and present lower liabilities, especially if their proportion of retired members increased more. In line with economic theory, all other groups of pension funds reduced their allocation to risky assets as they mature, and lowered discount rates as riskless interest rates declined. The arguably camouflaging and risky behavior of U.S. public pension plans seems driven by the conflict of interest between current and future stakeholders, and could result in significant costs to future workers and taxpayers.  Find the full study here.

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      Tax Collections Gets Stricter In Some States After Budget Concerns

      The Huffington Post | by Dave Gram | May 29, 2012

      States have a variety of strategies for following up when audits find tax scofflaws.

    • Headlines : Kansas

      Brownback signs big tax cut in Kansas

      The Kansas City Star | by Brad Cooper | May 23, 2012

      Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback took a grand gamble Tuesday with a monumental tax plan that he hopes will spur an economic revival and not an unparalleled budget crisis that leaves state services in ruins.

    • Headlines : Kansas

      With tax cuts and budget deal, Kansas Legislature finishes session

      The Wichita Eagle | by Brent D. Wistrom | May 21, 2012

      Kansans can expect income tax cuts, a little more education funding and, if the economy doesn't grow quickly, significant cuts in state services as a result of one of the most politically divisive legislative sessions in recent history.

    • Headlines : Kansas

      Deficit fears could thwart tax-cut bill

      The Kansas City Star | by Brent D. Wistrom | May 18, 2012

      Kansas Senate President Steve Morris said it would be difficult for the Senate to support a new alternative tax-cut bill - one Gov. Sam Brownback supports - because it could create state budget deficits.

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      Needy States Use Housing Aid Cash to Plug Budgets

      The New York Times | by Shaila Dewan | May 16, 2012

      Only 27 states have devoted all their funds from the banks to housing programs, according to a report by Enterprise Community Partners, a national affordable housing group. So far about 15 states have said they will use all or most of the money for other purposes.

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    • Budget timeline: Annual (although smaller agencies may receive biennial budgets)

      Fiscal Year starts: July 1

      Find the current state budget here.

      Find the legislative session calendar here.

      Find the current legislative leaders here.



      Gov. BrownbackGov. Sam Brownback
      Office of Governor Sam Brownback
      State Capitol
      2nd Floor
      Topeka, KS 66612-1590
      Phone: (785) 296-3232
      Fax: (785) 296-7973



      Steve Anderson, Director of the Budget
      Division of the Budget
      900 SW Jackson, Suite 504
      Landon State Office Building
      Topeka, KS 66612
      Phone (785) 296-2436
      Fax: (785) 296-0231



      Kansas is required to pass a "balanced budget." Section 75-3722 of the state law requires the "secretary of administration, on advice of the director of the budget, must assure that expenditures for any particular fiscal year will not exceed the available resources of the general fund or any special revenue fund for that fiscal year." Kansas law forbids the carrying over of a deficit from one year to the next.


      The State has five major governmental funds: the General Fund, the Transportation Fund, the Transportation-Capital Projects Fund, the Health Policy Authority Fund, and the Social and Rehabilitation Fund. Annual budgets are adopted on a cash basis with encumbrance modifications for all governmental funds. All major funds are budgeted except for the Transportation-Capital Projects Fund.  [from the Institute for Truth in Accounting]


      Find the state's bond ratings here.


      Kansas Policy Inst. Logo

    • Pensions :

    • HEADLINES: Alabama, Alaska, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Kansas, Kentucky, Massachusetts , Montana, Nebraska, New Hampshire , New Jersey, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania

      Williams Report - May 20, 2015

      by Bob Williams | May 20, 2015

      Join us on Twitter today by following @StateBudgets and tweeting with the hashtag #SBSBob.

    • HEADLINES: Colorado, Connecticut, Illinois, Kansas, Massachusetts , Montana, New Jersey, Ohio, Texas

      Williams Report - April 29, 2015

      State Budget Solutions | by Bob Williams | April 29, 2015

      Join us on Twitter today by following @StateBudgets and tweeting with the hashtag #SBSBob.

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    • K-12 Education :


      Common Core Costs: Examining California's Five Largest School Districts

      State Budget Solutions | by Hannah Oh | September 16, 2014

      There seems to be an endless amount of controversy surrounding the Common Core. Vocal supporters and critics are not hard to find. This report suggests that there is another point of contention to consider: the costs of the technology upgrades required to implement Common Core.


      Lawmakers Jockey Over Budget Surpluses

      Stateline | by Elaine S. Povich | April 22, 2014

      According to NASBO, Kentucky and many other states have put the emphasis on restoring funding to education this year. A still incomplete survey of states showed that the vast majority are increasing elementary and secondary education funding, along with transportation and infrastructure.

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    • Solutions

      How Reality-Based Budgeting Can Permanently Resolve State Budget Gaps

      State Budget Solutions | by Bob Williams | November 7, 2012

      State Budget Solutions recommends that state legislators take action in 2013 to resolve the serious state financial crises by changing their focus from inputs to outcomes by redesigning budgets from the ground up based on priorities and performance.

    • Solutions

      How to Prevent Future Pension Crises

      by Cory Eucalitto | November 1, 2012

      The time for state and local governments to offer defined contribution retirement plans that protect both taxpayer dollars and public employee retirement security is now.

    • Solutions

      State Lawmakerís Guide to Evaluating Medicaid Expansion Projections

      The Heritage Foundation | by Edmund F. Haislmaier and Drew Gonshorowski | October 17, 2012

      Supporters of Obamacare claim that expanding Medicaid will entail little to no cost to state governments, since the federal government will fund the vast majority of the additional costs. Indeed, some analyses project states achieving savings from adopting the expansion. However, state lawmakers should be wary of accepting such analyses at face value.

    • Solutions

      Medicaid Is BrokenóLet the States Fix It

      The Wall Street Journal | by Paul Howard and Russell Sykes | October 15, 2012

      Block-granting Medicaid is the best way to deliver better, cost-effective care to the most vulnerable Americans.

    • Solutions

      The Case for Reform: Prisons

      Right on Crime | August 1, 2012

      Prisons are supremely important, but they are also a supremely expensive government program, and thus prison systems must be held to the highest standards of accountability.

    • Solutions

      The Case for Reform: Adult Probation

      Right on Crime | August 1, 2012
    • Solutions

      Solutions to the public pension crisis

      State Budget Solutions | by Bob Williams | August 1, 2012

      Public pensions at the state and municipal levels are unsustainable in their current form.  State Budget Solutions' recent study by Andrew Biggs found that public pensions are underfunded by $4.6 trilion. Here we offer solutions to the pension crisis

    • Solutions: Kansas

      A Budget Stabilization Plan for Kansas

      The Kansas Policy Institute | by Barry W. Poulson | November 29, 2011

      This study proposes a budget stabilization plan for Kansas, which is a rules-based approach to state budgeting. A tax-and-expenditure rule is linked to rules for the disposition of surplus revenue. Under a rules-based approach to budgeting, surplus revenue is used to meet emergencies, stabilize the budget over the business cycle and/or earmarked to fund one-time capital projects. Once those needs are met, remaining surplus revenue is returned to taxpayers in rebates or used to reduce tax rates.

    • Solutions: Colorado, Kansas

      State Pension Funds Fall Off a Cliff

      by Barry Paulson, Arthur Hall | January 28, 2011

      This study examines different measures of historical and current funding shortfalls in state pension plans. Two case studies are examined in greater depth to explore some fatal flaws that have caused funding crises in these plans: Public Employee Retirement Association of Colorado (PERA) and the Kansas Public Employee Retirement System (KPERS).

    • Solutions: Kansas

      Commonsense Budget Proposal

      April 14, 2010

      The Commonsense Budget for Kansas provides some specific examples of the application of these commonsense fiscal policies to agencies and programs to give citizens and law makers a roadmap on how to weather the current economic downturn as well as reduce Kansas' individual income tax rate.