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Analysis: Nixon's Budget Depends on New Revenues

CBS St. LouisJanuary 23, 2012

When delivering his State of the State address, Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon made sure to highlight that his nearly $23 billion proposed budget requires no new taxes. But it does depend on Missouri taking in tens of millions of dollars in new revenues some of which can happen only if legislators change state law.

For Nixon's budget to be balanced, Missouri lawmakers must create an amnesty period intended to entice tax scofflaws to pay up.

They must authorize the federal government to siphon money from vendors with debts to Missouri.

They must expand a state license ban for professionals and businesses that haven't paid state taxes.

They must agree to sweep money from a fund of the Missouri Health and Educational Facilities Authority.

They must raise casino fees, and they must agree to pour more money into promoting the Missouri Lottery in the hopes that more people will buy tickets.

The above items are presumed to generate about $100 million for the state avoiding the need to make an equal amount of additional cuts to government programs and services.

Since some of the same items have been proposed without success in years past, Nixon is taking a bit of a financial risk by basing his budget on an assumption that they will all come to fruition this year. But Nixon said he is prepared to make additional budget cuts if things don't work out as planned.


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