A Medicaid Cure: Florida's Medicaid Reform Pilot

Foundation for Government Accountability | by Tarren Bragdon | May 23, 2012

During its five years of operations, Florida's Medicaid Reform Pilot has been a decided success. It has improved the health of enrolled patients, achieved high patient satisfaction, and kept cost increases below average, saving Florida up to $118 million annually. Since then, Florida has passed its Statewide Reform, which promises to extend these benefits throughout the state, build on the lessons learned from the pilot program, and save up to $901 million annually. If Florida's Medicaid Reform Pilot experience were replicated nationwide, Medicaid patient satisfaction would soar, health outcomes would improve, and Medicaid programs could save up to $28.6 billion annually.

Talking Points

• Florida's Medicaid Reform Pilot shows how a truly patient-centered Medicaid program can offer a meaningful choice of plans, tai- lored benefits, extra services not traditionally offered, a real focus on health and patient satisfaction, and monetary rewards for healthy choices and improved health.
• The Reform Pilot has achieved higher levels of patient satisfaction and above-average health outcomes compared to traditional Medicaid managed care or commercial HMOs.
• Per-person costs under the Reform Pilot have been flat for five years, saving Florida's Medicaid program up to $118 million annu- ally. Savings could reach up to $901 million annually when expanded across Florida.
• As the CMS reviews waiver applications, it should note the huge success of Florida's Reform Pilot and the key lessons learned that have been built into the proposed State- wide Expansion.
• If replicated nationwide, the Reform Pilot model could save Medicaid programs up to $28.6 billion annually.

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