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  • Headlines: Kentucky

    Proposed state budget would divert $76 million away from cash-strapped student aid programs

    The Lexington Herald-Leader | by Linda B. Blackford | February 26, 2014

    Kentucky lawmakers diverted more than $100 million in lottery proceeds away from state financial aid programs for college students since 2009, and might take an additional $76 million over the next two years.

  • Headlines: Michigan

    In Detroit Bankruptcy, a Battle Over Speed

    The Wall Street Journal | by Matthew Dolan | February 26, 2014

    Days after Detroit filed its financial-reorganization plan in court, the city and its creditors are battling over how quickly the judge should move to resolve the nation's largest municipal bankruptcy case.

  • Headlines: New York

    Comptroller issues warning on state's budget

    The Buffalo News | by Tom Precious | February 25, 2014

    New York state's chief fiscal watchdog believes Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo's rosy fiscal assumptions for the coming years may be a bit too rosy.

  • Headlines: Washington

    Washington Senate budget would add money for schools

    The Spokesman-Review | by Jim Camden | February 25, 2014

    Public schools would get more money for math and science supplies and state colleges would keep tuition from going up in a proposal released by Washington Senate budget writers.

  • Headlines: Virginia, Maryland, Arkansas

    Virginia and other states wrestle with whether to expand Medicaid under Affordable Care Act

    The Washington Post | by Laura Vozzella | February 25, 2014

    The politics of expansion are an extension of the battle over the Affordable Care Act that has raged in the nation's capital for years - threatening to bring dug-in partisans and Washington-style gridlock to places such as Richmond, where legislators ordinarily pride themselves on working things out in the collegial "Virginia way."

  • Headlines: Rhode Island

    Moody's looks favorably on RI's pension lawsuit settlement

    The Providence Journal | by Tom Mooney | February 25, 2014

    Moody's said the settlement, which restores some small pension cost of living adjustments, lowers some retirement ages and allows long-time employees to keep their traditional pension plan, represents "a small fraction" of additional costs to state and local communities.

  • Headlines

    Public Pension Tabs Multiply as States Defer Costs and Hard Choices

    The New York Times | by Rick Lyman and Mary Williams Walsh | February 25, 2014

    More than 40 states have taken steps in recent years to rein in mounting public employee pension costs that threaten to strangle government services. But none have come close to closing their pension gaps quickly enough to keep pace with a rapidly aging - and retiring - public work force.

  • Headlines: Arizona

    Arizona state budget: Amid competing needs, many priorities suffer | by Mary Jo Pitzl, | February 24, 2014

    Taxpayers contribute a smaller portion of their income to running state government than they did 35 years ago, even though the state has taken on more responsibility for health care for low-income residents, increased education standards and expanded its scope of services.

  • Headlines: New Jersey

    Christie's new budget could have drastic effect on NJ residents | by Salvador Rizzo | February 24, 2014

    Once Gov. Chris Christie unveils his new budget plan for New Jersey in a Statehouse speech tomorrow, two big issues that have dominated Trenton will likely take center stage: taxes and retirement benefits for public workers.

  • Headlines

    Why big cities so often lose in state legislatures

    Washington Post - GovBeat | by Niraj Chokshi | February 24, 2014

    For more than a century, lawmakers from big cities have complained that their voices are ignored in state legislatures. And, it turns out, they’re right.

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