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  • Headlines: West Virginia

    Governor Tomblin calls for $33 million in budget

    The Charleston Daily Mail | by Dave Boucher | January 8, 2014

    Gov. Earl Ray Tomblin implemented a hiring freeze last month and is now calling on state agencies to cut $33 million from their budgets as the state stares down an $81.5 million hole in its budget.

  • Headlines: Idaho

    Budget writers examine school funding, pay

    The Idaho Press Tribune | by Clark Corbin | January 8, 2014

    Joint Finance-Appropriations Committee Co-chairman Dean Cameron said some lawmakers are considering offering state employees a raise, even though Otter's budget doesn't provide the funding. If state employees get a raise, Cameron said he would fight for teachers to get a boost in compensation, too.

  • Headlines: New Mexico

    Crafting the State Budget

    The Santa Fe Reporter | by Justin Horwath | January 8, 2014

    Disparity has emerged between two state spending plans announced recently by the governor and a legislative panel in anticipation of the lawmaking session that begins on Jan. 21 in New Mexico.

  • Headlines: Michigan

    What to do with $1.3B Michigan revenue windfall? Lawmakers talk up a tax cut

    The Detroit Free Press | by Paul Egan and Kathleen Gray | January 7, 2014

    Michigan residents could be in line for an election-year tax cut, as the Senate Fiscal Agency estimates the state's revenue picture has brightened by close to $1.3 billion over three years.

  • Headlines: Missouri

    Missouri lawmakers prepare for cash quarrel

    The Columbia Daily Tribune | by Rudi Keller | January 7, 2014

    For the first time since he took office in 2009, Gov. Jay Nixon will present a budget that begins with a healthy surplus and good prospects for accelerating growth. It also will start with a fundamental disagreement with the legislature over the speed of that growth.

  • Headlines: New Mexico

    Governor announces budget proposal

    KRQE | by Jessica Garate | January 7, 2014

    Gov. Susana Martinez wants to spend a record amount of money on education as part of her nearly $6.1 billion state budget proposal released Monday.

  • Headlines

    State Budget Solutions' Fourth Annual State Debt Report

    by Cory Eucalitto | January 8, 2014

    State governments face a combined $5.1 trillion in debt, equal to over $16,000 per resident. Click to see your home state's debt and how your state ranks.

  • Headlines: California

    Jerry Brown is said to support ballot measure for rainy day fund

    The Los Angeles Times | by Chris Megerian and Anthony York | January 6, 2014

    The proposed measure, which would need approval from two-thirds of the Legislature before it could be presented to voters in November, would siphon off some tax revenue and channel it into a special savings account.

  • Headlines: New Jersey

    NJ lawmakers fiddle as double-dipping burns state pension fund | by Mark Lagerkvist | January 6, 2014

    As the New Jersey Legislature scrambles to pass laws as its session ends, lawmakers are ignoring a double-dipping dilemma that costs state pension funds and taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars.

  • Headlines: Illinois

    Report questions state pension funds' investment forecast

    The Chicago Tribune | by Rick Pierson | January 6, 2014

    Auditor General William Holland issued a report urging that Illinois state pension systems for teachers outside Chicago, public university employees and state workers all lower their annual estimated rate of return on investments.

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