• Headlines: California

    Jerry Brown says longer living state workers will drive pension costs up $1.2 billion a year

    The Sacramento Bee | February 6, 2014

    Gov. Jerry Brown urged CalPERS, the massive public employee pension fund, to move more quickly to address the increasing life expectancy of state employees.

  • Headlines: New Mexico

    NM budget splits House committee along party lines | by Barry Massey | February 6, 2014

    State spending on public education and government programs would increase by 4.8 percent next year under a proposed budget heading to the New Mexico House with strong opposition from Republicans.

  • Headlines: Illinois

    Illinois lawmakers bypass reluctant Quinn on massive budget shortfall

    Illinois Watchdog | by Ben Yount | February 6, 2014

    "The governor is asking for a delay, but here in the House we are not asking for a delay. We're going to move forward," House Speaker Mike Madigan said Tuesday.

  • Headlines: New York

    Potential big-ticket budget items loom in NY

    The Wall Street Journal | February 6, 2014

    Even as Gov. Andrew Cuomo talks about multi-year tax cuts and surpluses, potential state budget challenges loom on the horizon.

  • Most states aren’t very good at planning for the future

    The Washington Post | by Niraj Chokshi | February 6, 2014

    Virtually every state could do a better job at long-term fiscal planning, according to a new report from the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities.

  • Headlines: Tennessee

    TN bill may make cities boost pension payments

    The Tennessean | by Chas Sisk | February 5, 2014

    Cities, counties and local authorities whose workers do not take part in the state's pension program could be required to boost annual contributions meant to ensure that the retirement plans remain solvent.

  • Headlines: Michigan

    Snyder unveils 2015 budget with focus on education

    The Detroit News | by Chad Livengood and Steve Pardo | February 5, 2014

    Gov. Rick Snyder unveiled a 2015 fiscal year budget plan Wednesday that called for a $103 million tax cut for low- and middle-income residents and proposed pouring $609.3 million more into education programs from early childhood to college.

  • Headlines: Pennsylvania

    Gov. Corbett proposes $29.4 billion state budget; suggests pension savings, new money for education

    The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette | by Karen Langley and Kate Giammarise | February 5, 2014

    After earlier proposals of spare budgets, Gov. Tom Corbett on Tuesday put forward a more generous plan for state government -- with a new $240 million grant program for K-12 education, an area of political liability -- as he heads into a re-election battle.

  • Headlines: Arkansas

    House Speaker Carter Open To Tweaking Arkansas 'Private Option'

    KUAR Public Radio | February 4, 2014

    Arkansas House Speaker Davy Carter said Monday that voting on whether to reauthorize the "private option" will be one of the first things the Legislature will have to do when it convenes for this year's session on Feb. 10 since so many other parts of the budget depend on the program.

  • Headlines

    Six Ways States Should Spend Their Surpluses

    The Fiscal Times | by Eric Pianin and Rob Garver | February 4, 2014

    The nice thing about pension obligations is that they are extremely predictable and are therefore easy to plan for. The bad thing about them is that they don't go away. The bill is coming due, and states ought to dedicate some of their surpluses to making sure they will be able to pay it.

  • Headlines: Pennsylvania

    Gov. Corbett's $2 billion elephant | by Eric Boehm | February 4, 2014

    Pensions are the largest area of the growth in the state budget, threatening to swamp the state's books with red ink.

  • Headlines: Illinois

    Quinn wants to delay budget speech

    The Chicago Tribune | by Ray Long | February 4, 2014

    Instead of unveiling his budget on Feb. 19 as provided by law, Gov. Pat Quinn wants to hold off until March 26, the week after the primary.

  • Headlines: Tennessee

    Haslam releases budget, delivers State of the State address | February 3, 2014

    The Republican governor has described this upcoming budget as the most difficult of his tenure. Tennessee collected $176 million less in taxes than it expected this year, leaving a gap that must be filled before the new budget year starts in July.

  • Headlines

    Battles Loom in Many States Over What to Do With Budget Surpluses

    The New York Times | by Rick Lyman | February 3, 2014

    After so many years of sluggish revenues, layoffs and draconian service cuts, governors and legislators are eager to use the newfound money to cut taxes, restore spending or, in some cases, pay down debts or replenish rainy-day funds for future recessions.

  • Headlines: New Jersey

    State Watch: New Jersey's pension money pit

    The Trentonian | by Dave Neese | February 3, 2014

    Experts who look into the finances of New Jersey's public-employee pension plans often wind up making the same observation. "The chickens are coming home to roost," they say.

  • Headlines: Pennsylvania

    Democrats unveil proposals for more money for schools | by Martha Woodall | January 31, 2014

    Democrats from Philadelphia's state Senate delegation unveiled a plan Thursday to provide $300 million more for education across the state.

  • Headlines: Delaware

    Gov. Markell calls for pay raises, higher taxes

    The Washington Post | January 31, 2014

    Gov. Jack Markell on Thursday proposed an operating budget for the upcoming fiscal year that is 3 percent higher than this year's budget and relies on tax hikes and funding shifts to cover expenses.

  • Headlines: Michigan

    Michigan Supreme Court to decide whether state pension system is legal

    The Detroit Free Press | January 31, 2014

    The Supreme Court says it will decide whether the law is constitutional. The law signed by Gov. Rick Snyder gives employees with pensions a choice: pay 4 percent to stay in the plan or freeze the pension benefit and move to a 401(k).

  • Headlines: Massachusetts

    Massachusetts House Speaker Robert DeLeo rules out increased taxes, vows to pass minimum wage increase | by Shira Schoenberg | January 30, 2014

    Massachusetts House Speaker Robert DeLeo said that the House will not agree to the additional taxes included Gov. Deval Patrick's budget proposal.

  • Headlines: New Jersey

    NJ. Sen. Steve Sweeney: I'll shut down government if Chris Christie reneges on pension payment | by Susan K. Livio | January 30, 2014

    State Senate President Stephen Sweeney said he is willing to shut down state government if Gov. Chris Christie doesn't support a budget that contains the payment into the public employee pension fund they both promised to make when they approved a major overhaul of the program three years ago.

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