• Headlines: Massachusetts

    Mass. budget debate begins with revenue estimate | January 13, 2014

    By Wednesday, top budget officials in the Patrick administration, the Massachusetts House and Senate must agree on a single, best estimate for how much the state is expected to collect in revenue in the fiscal year beginning July 1.

  • Headlines: Missouri

    Missouri governor, lawmakers disagree over state's budget

    The Columbia Missourian | by David A. Lieb | January 13, 2014

    For the first time in a decade, Missouri's top officials can't agree on how much money will be available for the state budget.

  • Headlines: Connecticut

    'A financial time bomb': State pension system is one of the country's most underfunded

    The Day | by Johanna Somers | January 13, 2014

    Retired Connecticut state employees received the highest annual pensions in the country in 2011, despite contributing less out of their paychecks than the national average.

  • Headlines: Washington

    Bill would phase out pensions for public employees in state

    The Seattle Times | by Jim Brunner | January 13, 2014

    Now that Boeing Machinists have given up their pensions, some state lawmakers are renewing calls for the state to end pensions for public employees and replace them with 401(k)-style retirement plans.

  • Headlines: California

    Gov. Jerry Brown Uses Surplus to Prevent Bankruptcies

    The Fiscal Times | by Eric Pianin | January 11, 2014

    Amid a rash of municipal bankruptcies and mounting concerns about unfunded state pension benefits, Gov. Jerry Brown of California is charting a course of fiscal probity that could have broader implications for the rest of the country.

  • Headlines: North Carolina

    McCrory administration explores broad budget cuts to boost teacher pay

    The News & Observer | by Patrick Gannon | January 11, 2014

    A memo from State Budget Director Art Pope to department heads is additional evidence that state leaders may increase pay for state workers in the 2014-15 budget, but it also suggests that departmental budgets might be cut to cover the cost.

  • Headlines: New Mexico

    Moody’s upbeat on NM pension reforms

    The Albuquerque Journal | by Winthrop Quigley | January 11, 2014

    Moody's Investor Service praised last month's New Mexico Supreme Court decision upholding changes in the state's public pension programs, calling it "credit positive" for state and local debt.

  • Headlines: California

    Brown Proposes Record $106.8 Billion California Budget

    Bloomberg | by Michael B. Marois | January 10, 2014

    California Governor Jerry Brown proposed a record $106.8 billion budget as state coffers brim with the biggest surplus in more than a decade, setting up a fight with fellow Democrats who want more spending.

  • Headlines

    State Lawmakers Face Tough Choices on Common Core

    Education Week | by Andrew Ujifusa | January 10, 2014

    For many states, this year will be a key juncture for decisions about the standards-and related exams-before their full weight is felt in classrooms, district offices, and state education departments in the 2014-15 school year.

  • Headlines: Alabama

    Alabama's state budgets: Agencies could face spending cuts next year | by Mike Cason | January 10, 2014

    Rep. Steve Clouse, chair of the General Fund committee, said Medicaid is expected to seek an increase of about $100 million above this year's appropriation, which was $615 million out of the total General Fund budget of $1.75 billion.

  • Headlines: West Virginia

    W.Va. gov's buget taps reserves, keeps tax rates

    Businessweek | by Jonathan Mattise | January 9, 2014

    Amid a budget shortfall, Gov. Earl Ray Tomblin plans to avoid raising taxes and give public employees raises by tapping West Virginia's rainy-day fund.

  • California

    Jerry Brown’s budget plan proposes cautious spending, paying down debt

    The Sacramento Bee | by David Siders, Jim Miller and Jeremy B. White | January 9, 2014

    Bracing against calls for more spending after years of recession-era cuts, Gov. Jerry Brown today will propose modest increases for social services next fiscal year, with billions of dollars in surplus revenue going to reduce state debt.

  • Headlines: Illinois

    Report: 5 state pension funds owed $100.5B

    The State Journal-Register | by Doug Finke | January 9, 2014

    The report from Auditor General William Holland's office shows the unfunded liability of the five state-funded pension systems was $100.5 billion as of June 30, the end of the state's fiscal year. That's an increase of $5.9 billion from the previous year.

  • Headlines: New Jersey

    NJ gov't faces $214 billion debt; pensions are biggest cause

    New Jersey Watchdog | by Mark Lagerkvist | January 8, 2014

    Guard your wallets and hide your bank books! New Jersey's state government is facing a $214 billion debt - more than $24,000 for every man, woman and child.

  • Headlines: West Virginia

    Governor Tomblin calls for $33 million in budget

    The Charleston Daily Mail | by Dave Boucher | January 8, 2014

    Gov. Earl Ray Tomblin implemented a hiring freeze last month and is now calling on state agencies to cut $33 million from their budgets as the state stares down an $81.5 million hole in its budget.

  • Headlines: Idaho

    Budget writers examine school funding, pay

    The Idaho Press Tribune | by Clark Corbin | January 8, 2014

    Joint Finance-Appropriations Committee Co-chairman Dean Cameron said some lawmakers are considering offering state employees a raise, even though Otter's budget doesn't provide the funding. If state employees get a raise, Cameron said he would fight for teachers to get a boost in compensation, too.

  • Headlines: New Mexico

    Crafting the State Budget

    The Santa Fe Reporter | by Justin Horwath | January 8, 2014

    Disparity has emerged between two state spending plans announced recently by the governor and a legislative panel in anticipation of the lawmaking session that begins on Jan. 21 in New Mexico.

  • Headlines: Michigan

    What to do with $1.3B Michigan revenue windfall? Lawmakers talk up a tax cut

    The Detroit Free Press | by Paul Egan and Kathleen Gray | January 7, 2014

    Michigan residents could be in line for an election-year tax cut, as the Senate Fiscal Agency estimates the state's revenue picture has brightened by close to $1.3 billion over three years.

  • Headlines: Missouri

    Missouri lawmakers prepare for cash quarrel

    The Columbia Daily Tribune | by Rudi Keller | January 7, 2014

    For the first time since he took office in 2009, Gov. Jay Nixon will present a budget that begins with a healthy surplus and good prospects for accelerating growth. It also will start with a fundamental disagreement with the legislature over the speed of that growth.

  • Headlines: New Mexico

    Governor announces budget proposal

    KRQE | by Jessica Garate | January 7, 2014

    Gov. Susana Martinez wants to spend a record amount of money on education as part of her nearly $6.1 billion state budget proposal released Monday.

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