• Headlines: Pennsylvania

    Next move Corbett's in long-running pension saga | by Mark Scolforo | January 27, 2014

    Gov. Tom Corbett and his budget secretary have used stark terms to discuss the state of Pennsylvania's public-sector pensions, a topic that many expect to be addressed when their 2014-15 budget proposal is unveiled in a little more than a week.

  • Headlines: Illinois

    Illinois pension law saves $15 billion less than first thought

    The Chicago Tribune | by Ray Long and Maura Zurick | January 27, 2014

    New calculations show the state will save about $15 billion less than initially projected from the controversial major government worker pension overhaul that lawmakers and Democratic Gov. Pat Quinn approved last month.

  • Headlines

    Education spending balloons, but students in some states get more money than others

    Washington Post - GovBeat | by Reid Wilson | January 27, 2014

    There is disagreement within education circles over whether spending more money per pupil leads to better results. But there is no disagreement that the amount of money states spend on education has erupted in recent years.

  • Headlines: Missouri

    Some Missouri education funding still shy of past peaks

    The Kansas City Star | by David A. Lieb | January 27, 2014

    The figures from Gov. Jay Nixon's budget look big. There's $84 million in new operating funds for state colleges and universities. A 15 percent increase for public school busing. An additional $600 each for thousands of low-income students receiving state scholarships.

  • Headlines: Arizona

    Brewer, budget committee release conflicting budgets

    Arizona Republic | by Alia Beard Rau | January 27, 2014

    Gov. Jan Brewer and legislative economists over the past week released conflicting budget predictions for the next three years, setting the stage for a battle over Arizona’s future.

  • Headlines: Louisiana

    Jindal administration releases state budget for next fiscal year

    The Advocate | by Michelle Milhollon | January 27, 2014

    Legislators seemed happy with the governor's approach this year - or happier than they have been in the past. Education funding got a boost. Extra dollars were found for families struggling with developmental disabilities. Details on actual funding cuts will unfold in the coming weeks.

  • Headlines

    Unions Decline in Public Sector

    New York Times | by Associated Press | January 27, 2014

    The nation’s union membership held steady at 11.3 percent last year, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported, but losses among state and government workers suggest an ominous trend for the future of organized labor. 

  • Headlines

    How states spend their cash, in 5 maps

    Washington Post - GovBeat | by Niraj Chokshi | January 24, 2014

    States spent more than they made for the third time in four years, according to new Census data.

  • Headlines: Illinois

    Case before high court could shake public unions

    Sacramento Bee | by Jon Ortiz | January 24, 2014

    Maybe you haven’t heard about Harris v. Quinn, but you will, especially if the U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling dooms public-employee collective bargaining.

  • Headlines: Pennsylvania

    Pennsylvania Bill Challenges Union Privilege

    Workplace Choice | by Trey Kovacs | January 24, 2014

    Pennsylvania government unions are spreading misinformation about a bill that would end the practice of public employers deducting union dues from members’ paychecks.

  • Headlines: California

    California students sue state over ineffective teachers

    Washington Times | by Cheryl K. Chumley | January 24, 2014

    Nine California students have launched a lawsuit against the state, arguing that current law and entrenched practices they see as pro-union actually short-change the poor and the minority communities on their education.

  • Headlines: Michigan

    Michigan governor defends state money for Detroit pensions

    Reuters | January 24, 2014

    As retirees and lawmakers began leveling criticism at Michigan Governor Rick Snyder's plan to use $350 million of state money to reduce cuts in pension benefits for Detroit workers, Snyder set out on Thursday to defend the proposal as a way to help ease the impact of the city's bankruptcy on its retired workers.

  • Headlines: Arizona

    Brewer, budget committee release conflicting budgets

    The Republic | by Alicia Beard Rau | January 24, 2014

    Gov. Jan Brewer and legislative economists over the past week released conflicting budget predictions for the next three years, setting the stage for a battle over Arizona's future.

  • Headlines: Massachusetts

    Patrick unveils $36.4B budget that hikes spending

    Associated Press | by Steve LeBlanc | January 24, 2014

    Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick delivered his final state budget plan to Beacon Hill lawmakers Wednesday, a $36.4 billion proposal that would increase spending by 4.9 percent over the current budget.

  • Headlines

    Data Shows Correlation Between Government Union Power and State Government Solvency

    Union Watch | by Mike Shedlock | January 23, 2014

    In terms of long-term solvency (the most critical issue), New Jersey and Illinois are at the bottom of the heap. Pension plans and union activism are to blame.


  • Headlines: New York

    Cuomo, de Blasio School Funding Plans in Albany Showdown

    The Wall Street Journal | by Michael Howard Saul, Lisa Fleisher, Erica Orden | January 23, 2014

    Now that Gov. Andrew Cuomo has proposed paying for pre-K without raising taxes, Mayor Bill de Blasio's next challenge is to convince Albany lawmakers that the governor's plan is insufficient.

  • Headlines: Washington

    New state budget may not be needed, says Ways & Means chair

    The Seattle Times | by Andrew Garber | January 23, 2014

    Senate Ways and Means Chairman Andy Hill said he's not sure the Legislature needs to pass a state operating budget this year. Democrats, who control the House and governor's office, disagree.

  • Headlines: California

    Loan for bullet train part of Gov. Jerry Brown's budget proposal

    The Los Angeles Times | by Ralph Vartabedian | January 23, 2014

    California would lend $29 million to the High-Speed Rail Authority. Financing proposals for the project have raised concerns from lawmakers, including a key bullet train supporter.

  • Headlines: Kentucky

    Beshear proposes state budget that boosts school spending, cuts many other programs

    The Lexington Herald-Leader | by John Cheves | January 23, 2014

    Gov. Steve Beshear on Tuesday proposed a $20.3 billion, two-year spending plan for Kentucky that would return much of the state's lost funding for K-12 schools but nearly $100 million in cuts to much of the rest of state government.

  • Headlines: Vermont

    Medicaid, housing up for boost in state budget

    The Barre Montpeleier Times Argus | January 23, 2014

    The Vermont House is set to consider an annual midyear budget adjustment today that deviates very little from Gov. Peter Shumlin's proposal.

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