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  • Headlines: Delaware

    $3.8 billion state budget still unsettled | by Jonathan Starkey | June 2, 2014

    Despite talk of belt-tightening, state spending is set to rise 2.4 percent next year, up 23 percent since Markell signed his first budget in mid-2009.

  • Headlines: New York

    New York state addicted to gaming revenue, report shows

    The Albany Business Review | by Krystle S. Morey | June 2, 2014

    The state takes in $3.2 billion from gaming annually, the highest in the nation -- more than California and Florida combined.

  • Headlines: Illinois

    How big are the savings from the state's pension overhaul?

    The Chicago Sun Times | by Scarlet Swerdlow | June 2, 2014

    If implemented, Senate Bill 1 lighten Illinois' load by 25 percent, but the state would still be responsible for $78.9 billion in pension debt. Senate Bill 1 includes a schedule to fully fund the state's retirement systems by 2045.


  • Headlines: Louisiana

    Louisiana House gives final passage to $24.6B state budget | May 30, 2014

    The Louisiana House gave final passage Friday to a $24.6 billion budget to finance state government operations next year, agreeing to the version written by the Senate.

  • Headlines: Delaware

    Budget committee wraps $3.8 B state budget

    Delaware Online | May 30, 2014

    The budget heading to full General Assembly is $20M below what Gov. Jack Markell proposed.

  • Headlines: Virginia

    Va. Republican offers plan to end Medicaid deadlock

    The Washington Post | by Laura Vozzella | May 30, 2014

    Sen. Emmett W. Hanger's plan asks both sides to give a little, divorcing the Medicaid issue from the budget as opponents want but also remaking a state Medicaid commission so it could no longer block expansion.

  • Headlines: Illinois

    State Lawmakers Continue 2015 Budget Talks

    CBS Chicago | May 29, 2014

    Illinois lawmakers continued to grapple with a new state budget, as Republicans ripped majority Democrats for spending beyond their means with a plan even Democrats acknowledge leaves "big unanswered questions" about the state's finances.

  • Headlines: Pennsylvania

    Bipartisan panel backs hybrid state pension plan | by Amy Worden | May 29, 2014

    The bipartisan panel backed legislation to create a hybrid pension system for state and school employees, and Gov. Corbett said he would support it.

  • Headlines: New York

    Six-figure state pensions are on the rise

    The New York Post | by Pat Bailey | May 29, 2014

    The number of state employees collecting an annual pension of at least $100,000 jumped by 259 last year, according to a government watchdog says.

  • Headlines: New Jersey

    Blame Game on Pensions in New Jersey

    The Wall Street Journal | by Josh Dawsey And Heather Haddon | May 29, 2014

    Governors Disagree Over Reasons for State's Pension Troubles

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