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    California leads nation in escalation of college costs

    The Los Angeles Times | by Larry Gordon | October 26, 2011

    California's public universities enacted the highest average tuition increase, 21%, of any state. Steep state funding cuts to higher ed were significant factors in pushing up tuition and fees nationwide.


    UW System faces deeper state funding cuts

    The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel | by Karen Herzog | October 19, 2011

    The University of Wisconsin System typically represents about 7% of the state's General Program Revenue expenditures.


    College Football Programs Impacted by State Budgets

    September 2, 2011

    Back to school can also mean a trip back to campus to cheer on a favorite football team. With most teams kicking off their season this Saturday, SBS's week-long series wraps up today with a look at how state budget impact state university football programs.


    Study says Colorado budget outlook worse than thought and cutting alone won't fix it

    The Denver Post | by Tim Hoover | September 1, 2011

    A lawmaker-requested study released Wednesday by University of Denver researchers says Colorado's long-term budget outlook is worse than first thought.


    KU gives state $4.5 million; state spends it on Capitol restoration

    The De Soto Explorer | by Laura Herring | August 30, 2011

    The money came from bond proceeds for the recently-completed KU pharmacy building. The pharmacy building was completed $4.5 million under budget. "This doesn't happen very often," said Senate President Steve Morris, R-Hugoton.


    Higher education cuts likely as AZ health-care costs rise | August 24, 2011

    Arizona's colleges and universities will likely bear the brunt of budget cuts forced by rapidly rising health-care costs, the state's budget director said.


    How will Rick Perry's budget affect education?

    The Washington Post | by Suzy Khimm | August 17, 2011

    The budget that Perry presided over reduces education spending across the board, from pre-K through higher education.


    Despite state agencies having to cut back, most Oklahoma colleges and universities are spending more | by Michael McNutt | August 13, 2011

    But one legislator says the fact universities and colleges are spending more when state agencies and most Oklahoma families have had to cut back on spending is an indication that the Legislature should step up and address the way in which higher education operates.


    Regents say salary increase is top budget priority

    Businessweek | by Chet Brokaw | August 12, 2011

    In a budget request to Gov. Dennis Daugaard, the regents asked that the governor make salary increases for all state employees the highest priority when he recommends a budget to the South Dakota Legislature in December.


    California Cuts Weigh Heavily on Its Colleges

    The New York Times | by Jennifer Medina | July 9, 2011

    The compromise to close the state's huge budget gap included cuts to state agencies of all kinds, but none were as deep as those to the state's public colleges and universities.Cal


    Corbett, GOP make progress on budget

    The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review | by Brad Bumsted | June 24, 2011

    Republican legislative leaders and Gov. Tom Corbett agreed on the framework of a state spending plan of less than $27.3 billion that restores most of the higher education money Corbett proposed cutting, lawmakers and legislative staff said.


    Budget bills pass, await Lynch's OK

    The Nashua Telegraph | by Kevin Landrigan | June 23, 2011

    The two-year $10.3 billion state budget and its massive trailer bill easily cleared the Republican-dominated Legislature and now it's up to Gov. John Lynch to decide whether he can live with the significant cuts in spending and sweeping changes in state policies.


    California Democrats pass budget with taxes, cuts and tricks

    The Los Angeles Times | by Shane Goldmacher and Anthony York | June 16, 2011

    A skirmish between lawmakers breaks out on the California Assembly floor as Democrats and Republicans debate a budget package of taxes, cuts and squishy accounting.


    Jay Nixon cuts millions from state budget | by Jason Hancock | June 13, 2011

    Missouri's higher education system took the largest hit when Gov. Jay Nixon announced $172 million in budget cuts aimed at balancing state finances and helping rebuild parts of Missouri ravaged by natural disasters.


    Ga. Governor signs $18.3B budget, vetoes 9 bills

    Businessweek | by Shannon McCaffrey | May 19, 2011

    Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal signed an $18.3 billion budget that increases health insurance premiums for state employees, slashes funding for Georgia's college system and cobbles together money to go after tax cheats.


    Ill. House OKs deep cuts in preliminary budget

    Businessweek | by Christopher Wills | May 14, 2011

    Schools, college scholarships and health care for the poor would face sharp cuts under a budget approved Friday by the Illinois House in a rare show of cooperation between Democrats and Republicans.


    Oklahoma leaders reach agreement on state budget

    Forbes | by Sean Murphy | May 11, 2011

    Gov. Mary Fallin and leaders in the GOP-controlled Legislature held a joint press conference to announce the deal that will lead to cuts of about 4 percent for common education and 5 percent for the state's colleges and universities. Those cuts will hinge on a separate agreement on $21 million in supplemental funding from excess collections on the gross production tax on oil.


    Pa. House GOP plan to budget more money for ed

    Businessweek | by Marc Levy | May 11, 2011

    Pennsylvania's state House Republican majority revealed more details of its counterproposal to Gov. Tom Corbett's budget plan as it explores alternatives to deep cuts to public education, largely by squeezing money out of public welfare programs.


    Michigan House approves school funding cuts

    Businessweek | by Tim Martin | May 6, 2011

    The Michigan House has narrowly approved legislation that would cut state funding to public schools, community colleges and universities for the budget year that begins in October.


    Kasich college budget revised

    The Columbus Dispatch | by Encarnacion Pyle | May 3, 2011

    Ohio legislators don't agree with the governor's proposal to make profs teach more.

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    The Higher Education Bubble

    by Keli Carender | October 28, 2011

    Not only do we need to reform the higher education system and how students pay for college, but we also need to change the culture around higher education and the expectations that everyone must go to college. We need to end the delusional obsession with nonacademic offices that do nothing to prepare future generations of Americans for real life.

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    Report identifies need for more higher education transparency

    by Jason Mercier | October 15, 2010

    Based on the preliminary report from the Washington State's Joint Legislative Audit & Review Committee, the state's higher education system is in need of some serious sunshine.


    Lawmakers hear higher education reform options

    by Jason Mercier | September 28, 2010

    The Washington State Governor's Higher Education Funding Task Force briefed lawmakers on the various reform options that are being discussed to reset the state's role in higher education.