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    For Many States, Now Is the Day of Reckoning

    State Budget Solutions | by Bob Williams | June 5, 2015

    Across the country, in statehouses nationwide, the day of reckoning has arrived.


    State could save $1 million by eliminating department

    The Deseret News | by Lisa Riley Roche | October 20, 2011

    The state could save more than $1 million annually by eliminating the Department of Community and Culture and turning over its functions to other agencies.


    Calif. treasurer wants to maintain automatic cuts

    The San Jose Mercury News | by Judy Lin | September 14, 2011

    The state treasurer's office urged Gov. Jerry Brown to reject a bill that would require the governor to consult lawmakers about midyear budget cuts they already have approved.


    Study says Colorado budget outlook worse than thought and cutting alone won't fix it

    The Denver Post | by Tim Hoover | September 1, 2011

    A lawmaker-requested study released Wednesday by University of Denver researchers says Colorado's long-term budget outlook is worse than first thought.


    Gregoire tells state to get ready for more cuts

    The Seattle Times | by Jim Brunner | August 9, 2011

    Just a couple of months after signing a two-year budget that slashed about $4 billion from state spending plans, Gov. Chris Gregoire has told state agencies to get ready for another round of cuts.


    A somber Gregoire signs budget with education cuts

    The Seattle Times | by Mike Baker | June 16, 2011

    A dejected Gov. Chris Gregoire gave final approval Wednesday to a new state spending plan, bemoaning in particular the sweeping cuts it makes to one of her prized issues: education.


    Lawmakers continue to cut despite major income tax increase

    The Chicago Tribune | by Ray Long and Todd Wilson | June 6, 2011

    Budget cutting despite a tax increase illustrates just how bad the state's finances are.


    State lawmakers pass budget; some school jobs cut | by Diana Rugg | June 6, 2011

    The North Carolina legislature has sent its budget to Governor Bev Perdue's desk, and it includes deep cuts for agencies around the state, including education.


    Oklahoma leaders reach agreement on state budget

    Forbes | by Sean Murphy | May 11, 2011

    Gov. Mary Fallin and leaders in the GOP-controlled Legislature held a joint press conference to announce the deal that will lead to cuts of about 4 percent for common education and 5 percent for the state's colleges and universities. Those cuts will hinge on a separate agreement on $21 million in supplemental funding from excess collections on the gross production tax on oil.


    Alabama House set to debate General Fund budget

    Businessweek | April 27, 2011

    A $1.8 billion budget to fund most non-education state services in Alabama moves close to final approval in the Alabama Legislature.


    Michigan lawmakers weighing deeper budget cuts

    Businessweek | by Tim Martin | April 15, 2011

    A compromise that would allow older seniors to keep their tax breaks on retirement income likely will lead to deeper spending cuts and other changes in the next Michigan state budget.


    Governors cut taxes and medical aid to the poor

    The Los Angeles Times | by Noam N. Levey | April 12, 2011

    In Maine and elsewhere, it's an early test for 'tea-party'-backed Republicans who say the strategy will create jobs and boost state economies.


    Lawmakers come to state budget deal

    The Atlanta Journal Constitution | by James Salzer | April 12, 2011

    House and Senate negotiators approved an $18.3 billion budget for the upcoming fiscal year that cuts college funding and borrows from Medicaid to fund shortfalls in the teacher and employee retirement systems.


    State House GOP unveils alternative budget plan

    The Seattle Times | by Robin Hindery | April 7, 2011

    Republican lawmakers in the House are offering an alternative state budget proposal for the next two years that contains $4.7 billion in cuts, including the elimination of Washington's health program for the poor and most of a program aiding disabled adults.


    Kasich cuts wide swath of items to repair budget

    The Toledo Blade | by Jim Provance | March 25, 2011

    More than a week after Gov. John Kasich presented his $55.5 billion budget, his budget director spelled out how the administration would close a projected gap that it now says is closer to $7.7 billion.


    Kan. panel OKs plan to slash spending next year

    Businessweek | by John Milburn | March 25, 2011

    A plan to slash state spending and leave Kansas with nearly $83 million in the bank next year was endorsed by a state House committee following weeks of debate.


    Judge Is Critical of Cuts in Aid for New Jersey Schools

    The New York Times | by Richard Pereze-Pena | March 23, 2011

    New Jersey's cuts in school financing violate the State Constitution's mandate to provide "a thorough and efficient" education system and hit poor districts especially hard, a judge reported to the State Supreme Court.


    Lawmakers OK billions in program cuts in California budget

    The Los Angeles Times | by Shane Goldmacher | March 17, 2011

    The effort to reduce California's budget shortfall of $26 billion had bipartisan support. Gov. Jerry Brown is still working to secure votes on more contentious parts of his plan.



    Budget pain spread around, and down

    The Columbus Dispatch | by Jim Siegel, Catherine Candisky and Alan Johnson | March 16, 2011

    The burden of Ohio's $8 billion budget shortfall is landing hard on local governments, school districts and health-care providers, and Gov. John Kasich expects all of them to change the way they operate.


    Ohio governor slashes $8B from budget | by Tami Luhby | March 15, 2011

    Fulfilling his promise not to raise taxes, Ohio Gov. John Kasich Tuesday unveiled a $52 billion two-year budget that slashes spending for many agencies and seeks to privatize certain government functions to eliminate an $8 billion budget deficit.

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    An Open Letter to Gov. Gregoire from Washington Policy

    October 20, 2011

    The Washington Policy Center proposes seven ideas for balancing the budget that, if adopted, would put Washington on the path to long-term financial stability so lawmakers do not feel they have to increase the financial burden they place on citizens by raising tax rates.


    States get down to the nitty-gritty

    by Bob Williams | April 11, 2011

    States are getting down to the nitty-gritty of budget cuts as they hack away millions of dollars in order to salvage their shortfalls. While some states are managing to balance their budget woes, others are still deliberating their budgets for the next fiscal year.


    Cuts, Taxes, and Creativity

    by Bob Williams | March 31, 2011

    It's that time of year again; one by one, states are passing their budgets for the next fiscal year. Shortfalls still loom for some while others have used a variety of tools to balance their books. Some states have taxed, others have cut, and still others have just gotten creative with their accounting.


    Illinois Governor Quinn's proposed budget

    February 22, 2011

    Illinois Democratic Governor Pat Quinn presented his budget address last week, but it is unclear whether it will be enough to solve the state's budget woes.


    New Sherriff in Town

    by Bob Williams | February 11, 2011

    Someone should tell the unions (in Wisconsin, at least) that there is a new sheriff in town.  And he's not afraid to call in the National Guard to quell unrest among state employees.

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    There's No Time Like the Present

    by Bryan Leonard | January 28, 2011

    States have created programs and whole agencies that overstep the core functions of government; these have got to go. If lawmakers don't take advantage of the chance to reform state government when they have all the weight of necessity on their side, they never will.

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    Moving Forward and Looking Back

    by Bob Williams | January 24, 2011

    Though nearly every state is in serious fiscal pain that will almost certainly adversely affect citizens, budget shortfalls are forcing states to rethink and redesign government for the better.


    Gregoire releases 2011-13 budget

    by Jason Mercier | December 16, 2010

    Combined with her other calls for pension reforms and agency consolidation, Governor Gregoire's budget represents a good framework for the Legislature to debate how best to move Washington forward in a sustainable, core-function focused way.

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    Governor should force Legislature's hand on budget

    by Jason Mercier | December 2, 2010

    Despite warnings from Governor Gregoire that immediate action is needed to balance the budget, Democratic leadership in the Washington State Legislature remains uncommitted to a special session when lawmakers are in Olympia next week.  Since the dire budget reality is not enough to prod the Legislature into action, the Governor should force lawmakers' hands.


    OFM details potential 2011-13 budget reductions

    by Jason Mercier | October 23, 2010

    Washington State's Office of Financial Management has now created a separate website detailing how agencies would implement 10% reductions in the 2011-13 budget.


    Governor orders budget cuts while lawmakers campaign

    by Jason Mercier | September 14, 2010

    As Governor Gregoire was signing an Executive Order to set in motion across-the-board budget cuts, legislators were busy on the campaign trail instead of dealing with the problem.

  • K-12 stimulus - Exposing the myth of 160,000 teachers jobs

    by Bob Williams | August 17, 2010

    The Federal Education Jobs Fund that gives the states $10 billion for K-12 education to crate or save 160,000 teacher jobs is a hoax.  Many of the teachers it was intended to save have already been rehired.  Any state accepting the funds must be aware of the "maintenance of effort" (MOE) requirements if they accept the federal funds, including the insbility to lower education funds.