State Budget Solutions Urges Appointment of Emergency Manager

Friday, March 30, 2012

Alexandria, VA - Bob Williams, President of State Budget Solutions (SBS), a national nonprofit organization advocating for fundamental reform of state budgets, released the following statement regarding Governor Synder's plan to give the Detroit City Council and the mayor more power than the previous proposal if they ignore recently ratified union contracts and renegotiate them this summer

"This revised plan is merely the Governor caving in and giving power to those who created Detroit's financial crisis. Detroit must implement an emergency manager who can enforce the corrective action desperately needed to put Detroit on the road to fiscal responsibility.

Detroit is in crisis and facing a $200 million short-term budget deficit and $12 billion in long-term debt. Detroit's financial disaster demonstrates that cities and states must implement fundamental reforms NOW.  Delay and avoidance only make deficits worse. There is no spell to cast to make the effects of decades of mismanagement magically disappear.

Giving the decision-making power back to those who have continually shown negligence of their budget is irresponsible. There are no easy or comfortable options; it is time for the Governor to appoint an Emergency Manager."

To set up an interview with Bob, please contact Meghan Tisinger at or 703-965-1145.
Bob Williams, President of State Budget Solutions, is a former state legislator, gubernatorial candidate and auditor with the Government Accountability Office. To read Bob Williams full bio click here.