About SBS

Who we are

Who we are

State Budget Solutions (SBS) is a non-partisan, non-profit, national public policy organization with the mission to change the way state and local governments do business.

State Budget Solutions produces studies, articles, reports and compelling narrative about the critical issues that affect state and local budgets, including pension reform, health care and education. SBS engages state leaders, journalists and others on positive reforms aimed at improving the functionality of government.

SBS works to make its vision of empowered citizens a reality by promoting policies that provide workable solutions for local people to make local decisions through the project Federalism In Action.

Meet the Team

J. Scott Moody
CEO and Chief Economist

Bob Williams

Bob Williams

jonathan haines head shot

Jonathan Haines
Executive Vice President 
Director of Federalism in Action 

JLE head shot

Joe Luppino-Esposito
Editor and General Counsel

Nathan Brinkman
Communications Associate 


sarah curry head shot
Sarah Curry
Senior Policy Fellow 


Stephen Moses head shot

Stephen A. Moses
Senior Policy Fellow 

Ken Ivory Head shot
Ken Ivory
Senior Policy Fellow 


Contact Us

Media inquiries should be directed to

State Budget Solutions
1739 Maybank Hwy, Suite T-346
Charleston, South Carolina 29412